Cowboys Unison

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Cowboys-Unison-OpenBoRPocket game with cowboys.Far in the Wild West, myths and legends still live and rule the human world. A gang of robbers plunders cities and enslaves peasants, and former shamans are now lifting skeletons from the ground. This new danger seems devastating when two brave cowboys begin their journey.Darius and Elise set out to drive away the greedy bandits from this otherwise peaceful prairie.
Cowboys Unison is quite a long game. With a distinctly diverse gameplay. In fact, she's more of a shooter than a beat 'em up. However, you will be able to use enough melee grips, as well as special combinations. Also, you will notice that the arenas alternate with single-line and multi-line distribution.
Its standard mod, which you can play in single or multiplayer, lasts more than an hour and a half and has added a number of bonus levels. These are five different stages with your own bosses that you will have to defeat.
Once you've played the game, you'll unlock new extra misions that include both collaborative CO-PC campaigns and add new characters to your adventures.
The models are again in pocket format, this time characterized by larger sizes and quality HD animation. You should also be aware that they are produced by the author and, like the history of the game, they are original, and You will not find them anywhere else.
We must mention that this author is also characterized by rich cinematics, which tells about your adventure. It will help you immerse yourself in the world of Cowboys Unison and thus fully enjoy the story.
Well, you will be able to shoot hard, against zombies, skeletons, and scary bosses, and no doubt this game will be a favorite of many of you.

Cowboys-Unison-start-gameInstallation instrucions : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play from Armored  Stronghold.exe

This game has been created by Osman Garcia (Osman Color) 2020-2021 Digital Games and OpenBoR society.

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