Crisis Evil 4 Beta

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Crisis Evil 4 Beta

New fantastic beat 'em Up game in action horror genre to us!
Let us applaud Xandegraf. An innovator from the world of OpenBoR. His work shows enviable potential. Although a beginner, his ideas have a presence and expressiveness.
The game he presents to us is called Crisis Evil 4 and this is its beta version.
Well compiled, familiar characters and creatures. A mix of the Night Slashers, Resident Evil and Evil Dead. In fact, the game recreates the story of Umbrela fighters Chris and Clatie Redfield, as well as that of the characters Ethan and Hunk. Placed in a new and hostile world, they will rely solely on their own super-fighting skills to survive. Thus, the players are divisive and each of them has its own mission. To bring them all together you will have to go through the mission of each of them separately. Crisis Evil 4 is very dynamic and difficult to master, action - horror. Even the weapons that are so necessary for combat are easily depleted or you can lose them. So your main weapon will be cold steel and your punches. Given that you will fight against zombies and ferocious werewolves that fly over you through speed bounces, defeating them will be a real challenge.
The OpenBoR console for Crisis Evil 4 does not provide a cheats menu. You will have ten credits to complete the game. As a bonus, for every 200,000 points you will receive a new loan. However, points are difficult to collect and zombies multiply. Many of them are difficult to eliminate even with a rifle. In this beta version of the game, no special move has been added yet, which means that you will be easily surrounded and defeated.
However, the author has added a few more bonuses. In some places you will find a disinfectant spray. Each of these sprays that you collect will give you a new credit to your life.
Although the grips are limited, so the prices of ammunition are almost non-existent or run out quickly, you will enjoy ultra dynamics. The synchronization is very good, and the missions you have to complete are very interesting.
Since the credits are limited, you have long and interesting hours ahead of you in an attempt to complete the entire mission of Crisis Evil 4.

Well, if we have to summarize.  Crisis Evil 4 is a game with very good gameplay, great action, a light horror and many, many hours of exciting gameplay. And expect the full version of the game which we will add with a review as soon as it comes out.
Crisis Evil 4 Beta is produced by OpenBoR society and xandegraf.

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