ClaFan Advanced - Alpha Demo

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ClaFan Advanced - Alpha Demo

This game was produced again by NickyP.
Extremely good project, but not yet completed. In fact, the project is in its alpha version and can be played. Although many of the level supplements are missing, the basic features for each game have been added. At your disposal you will have a wonderful and wide RPG world where to start your adventure.
The main characters are magical or knightly symbols. They have their own characteristics that make them very different. Although this is a world made up of miniatures, the mechanics are very functional and the powerful engine of openbor drives them perfectly. Battles are real action where power and magic collide.
The journeys will take you through dusty or pranic roads, to a series of quests full of bizarre creatures.
However, the artifacts and the tree of progress have not yet been obtained. Many buildings cannot be used. However, the available gameplay is intriguing and you will be able to play it.
According to the author, ClaFan Advanced is not a sequel to his other game Cla Fan - Classic Fantasy. The games are different and have no common history or development. you will enjoy a richer game atmosphere filled with beautiful decorations, new adventures and challenges.
The game is still being made, although the project is still on the drawing board. Anyone who wants can contribute to its development or make their own game.
OpenBoR is open source, which means that you can get involved in the development of your favorite games.

ClaFan Advanced - Alpha Demo is created by OpenBoR society and NickyP.

installation instructions: 
Download === >> unzip ==>> copy the .pak file===>> pastE into the .paks folder of OpenBoR === >> play 

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