Beats of Destruction

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Vannesa-in-beats-of-destructionNew great mod from Esau Jose. Simple broadcast but if you want to shoot to your heart's content, this is a great offer. Beats of Destruction is a mod of Beats of Rage. All the main characters typical of Rhyth of Destrucion have been added to the standard matrix, and there is a new character. This is the guest character from Crisis Evil - Leon S. Kennedy.Very interesting character. A typical shooter who also has a few martial arts grips that he uses very attractively. As the main weapon, he uses a pistol to shoot down his opponents from afar. In addition, he can use an M16A1 automatic rifle that knocks down enemies at once, and for a special weapon with enormous power he uses a mini-gaddling cannon. Very attractive gameplay. Although the game has a simple construction, the dynamics are excellent, especially with a character like Leon S. Kennedy. You will shoot to satiety.
Other characters are the well-known Vanesa, Ryu, Max, K, Kenshiro and Axel from SoR. They are classic representatives of the traditional OpenBoR vision.
The compilation of decorations is also original. You can see the fire traps along the way which are quite interesting. With a good combination and skills you will be able to make your opponents jump from them until they get tired and down.
The world of Beats of Destruction is a mixture of the horrors of Contagious Evil and typical action with a beat 'em up concept.

Leon-S-Kennedy-in-Beats of Destruction

You will compete against powerful warriors as well as against mutants and ghostly creatures. The bosses are also gifted and they contain all these qualities that are characteristic of the other eyes separately.

Beats of Destruction has been produced by OpenBoR society and esau Jose 
Installation instrucions : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play from OpenBoR .EXE

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