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Airport Clash 3D | MMOFPS

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Airport Clash 3D is a real leader among MMOFPS games, although produced as a browser game at first-person shooter.
An intriguing game, with many bonuses and upgrades. Extremely well animated arena. The teams are divided into two groups of six players. Your team aims to attack, conquer and blow up the enemy base.
This is a very interesting game that will gather many fans.
The roar of mini-gadlling, ground-breaking ammunition, explosives to carry, besieged fortresses and ambushes.
What to add - always accurate rifles and never ending partons.
A series of brave stunts, air-shooting characters and springboards through which to climb the roofs.
From there, the shooting is extremely accurate, and you can keep your tips under pressure.
A real labyrinth of corridors and rooms where you can arrange your battlefield.
Airport Clash 3D is an online first person shooter that you can play directly from your browsers without installation.

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