Sengoku Basara HeatGames Mugen 2019

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Sengoku Basara HeatGames Mugen 2019

Anime; Hentai; History ...!
The creators of Heat Games-Play are always at the top. This time with the game Sengoku Basara X Mugen 2019.
Their games are at a very high level. This game is under 300 MB, but the qualities are great. Here you will follow Nabonaga's path to power over Japan - this is a fierce battle, and the contenders are many and well-armed. Of course everyone has their own ambition, so you can choose from twelve characters. They are all pretenders of the Japanese daimyo clans and are kings or representatives of their own countries. These are also the best fighters.
Many spectacular grips, combined strokes, wonderful HD animation and attractive gameplay, with this game.

this game was created by: Heat Games-Plaand m.g.u.e.n. society 

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