MUGENGERS 4 - The Orochi's Origin

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MUGENGERS4-The Orochi's-Origin (V1.0)

 The new game 2002 this year MUGENGERS 4 The Orochi's Origin (V1.0) is of extremely good quality. Professional craftsmanship and creative flair will bring true fans of the King of Fighters to gaming consoles. No true gamer's collection would be complete without a game like MUGENGERS 4 The Orochi's Origin.
But with what, this product of free creativity is so valuable?
Especially with the individual approach to crafting and the correct arrangement of details, which turns the game into a real gem.
First of all, it is the gameplay that grabs your attention. It is extremely well timed, with a suitable duration that will drain your strength to the limit. Also, duels rely more on actual fighting styles. This means that you will be playing a real Kumite, and not fantastic, power surges that make the game meaningless.
The story:
The story of the game is also very interesting. Fans of the King of Fighters will love it. It is part of KoF but it is the story has its own branch of development and we can present it as an unofficial addition to the original from SNK.

Another distinctive feature is that MUGENGERS 4 The Orochi's Origin (V1.0) does not use the standard classic MUGEN tools. The control console has been changed so much that you might find it difficult. And what's even more shocking - the ''data'' folder is missing from where you can apply factory settings corrections.
The animation is great. Excellent HD quality of the scenery with very dynamic pictures.
However, the sprites use an old graphic design. This of course does not make the gameplay any worse. You just have to play in proxorec where the mixels will be corrected.

The Orochi's Origin-takuma's fights

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