The King of Fighters XIII STEAM 2022

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The King of Fighters XIII is a great game that laid radically new concepts in the history of the Kings Tournament. Now MUGEN is offering an alternative. A new game, an excellent remake and a great battle story where fighters compete for victory.
But what makes the MUGEN game unique?
The King of Fighters XIII STEAM 2022 has the qualities of an absolute remake.
First of all, this is good news for anyone who owns older computers with more modest capabilities. We can say that a game like this is a long-awaited title for gamers.
They will be able to enjoy the high resolution makes the decors lively and dynamic. They are richly decorated and, like their original prototypes, will immerse you in the atmosphere of this dynamic tournament.
Let's pay special attention to the models and characters.
A total of 38 characters are presented, including Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Takuma Sakazaki, who is also present as Mr.Karate. Also participating are the teams of Terry Bogard and Kim Kapowan. Max and Mai are also online and ready to play. However, bosses like Geese Howard and Rugal are missing. Instead, a KoF martial arts tournament was organized around Sakai and Dark Ash. Very interesting configuration. Dark Ash and Sakai are endowed with extraordinary powers and they take their opponents to a paranormal world where they can fight their battles.
Ash and Skye have two varieties with which to participate in the tournament. these are White Sakai who are far weaker than their mystical image. However, the presence of his In energy is evident, which plunges opponents into sticky darkness. Ash's other image is one of the standard characters in the tournament, and although she is a very powerful opponent, she is different.
The models, in turn, look amazing. They are made of complex and detailed sprites, whose shape accurately simulates the digital 3D skeleton used by new technologies. All this means that this edition of KoF mugen brings us closer and closer to the perfections of the present era.
But the good qualities do not end with the presence of good sets and animation.
The gameplay is great, the visual effects are the best possible, the dynamics of the matches are excellent, and the strength of the opponents is balanced. Great and captivating duels that gamers will appreciate.
There are no weak characters. You need to choose your favorite character and learn its qualities and features. Joe Higashi, as always, performs well and is considered a universal fighter. His fighting style is Muay Thai. in addition to the powerful bursts of qi that create a fiery tornado, it also has a number of weaker but attractive attacks that can easily overthrow more massive opponents. In addition, his multiple attack speeds are very effective against defending opponents. This is a speed attack of multiple successive strikes, which means that even if you hide behind a block, Joe's combo will inflict heavy damage on you.
Powerful and spectacular techniques are characteristic of all the characters in The King of Fighters XIII STEAM 2022, which makes this game one of the best titles for the code produced by MUGEN societtes.


The King of Fighters XIII STEAM 2022 has been created by MUGEN Society.
Author: Blackened Nask [YouTube Channel]

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