The King of Fighters Hallucination

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So here we have a superb game with a slight titanic, psycho, occult, taste ..
Well, this is the artist's idea of a good game and he did a great job.
The city battles are replaced more by the bottomless pit of the twilight zone and slowly the light hard ground underfoot disappears. Of course, as the name suggests, these are hallucinations and our heroes will have to work hard while staying on their feet - their strongest opponents are skilled dualists and are difficult to overcome.
Another remarkable feature of this game. Apart from the fact that more emphasis is placed on the strange hero, some of the most outstanding and emblematic fighters for the game are also missing. These are Sakazaki and Garcia.
Of course the game is interesting without them and as I said this is more of a version of KOF full of para-normal phenomena .....

this game was created by: Cuộc sống 8x  and m.g.u.e.n. society 

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