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Street Fighter 2 SNK 8.0 Premium Edition (with ReShade core) is a new game, better than all known. You will immediately notice the slightly curved screen, which resembles the old TVs. This strange technology was once present in old arcade machines or home consoles. They all looked so charming. The best battles were fought on such a large and curved screen. Monitors from the past had no flaws. For gamers, they were a glamorous stage where they could present their capabilities.
The retro screen simulation is suitable because this game is a remake of Street Fighter 2 Torbo. This quality remake recreates its characteristics to the core.
However, innovation is there.
Excellent gameplay that is easy to manage. Your characters are ergonomically arranged. They fit on the battlefield perfectly. With this version of Street Fighter 2 SNK - v8.0 you will play your battles in a completely new and original way. Classic look, strong fighters, exciting combinations, light mode for entering the desired commands, new spectacular moments have been added. The exquisite mechanics of the models are also impressive. These characters, whose images once looked rather stiff, now in this modern version of the game, look and move elegantly and beautifully.
The added improvements make ''Street Fighter 2 SNK 8.0 Premium Edition'' an suitable alternative to Street Fighter. Every true gamer and fan will want to own a copy of this S.F mugen Premium Edition.
The added movements look new and modern. The strength of the players has multiplied, but the mugen core still allows you to determine your endurance. Special attacks are available and they look very beautiful. However, they do not make the game meaningless. On the contrary, all special techniques and grips, as well as combos, are an integral part of tactical gameplay. Only the right combination of these elements of the fight will give you an advantage over your opponent.


Another important element of the game are the added players. Although presented as a SNK style - Neo Geo remake, this game has only the classic characters from the Street Figter saga. Among the characters are a duplicate image of Akuma - known here as Gouki. His two incarnations differ in both temperament and fighting style. Although they still practice Ansatsuken y Shotokan, these models use the learned arts differently. Also present was Gouken, Gouki's older brother, and their martial arts teacher, Goutetsu. Street fighters, Kairi, Ryu Hoshi, Ken Masters, Dan Hibiki, Shun, Allen Snide and Shon were also added.
Together, all these traditional karate fighters give this game the mystical aura of a world imbued with the martial arts.

Another particularly interesting character is Baroness - the protégé of M. Bison. This spoiled princess owns and uses a number of unique fighting abilities. In fact, she is a female incarnation of M. Boson. It has all its capabilities plus the fact that they are more pronounced, more powerful, and easier to charge. They are recreated through a new alternative animation and look much more spectacular. In addition, it can call on the battlefield, fighters such as Vega, Sagat and Balrog, to inflict their crushing blows on the enemy. However, Baroness gives way in the technique of the classic match, where the powerful posture of M. Bison has a significant advantage.
The total number of characters is fifty and all the main and traditional representatives of the Street Fighter saga are present.
The MUGEN console and engine are easy to set up, and our tests show stable performance on this remake.


Let's pay attention to the scenery. A number of effects are achieved through the ReShade processing program manufactured by crosire. The effects are uniquely good and give a vivid look to the whole plot.
The animation is also rich. Now our familiar stages look new, alternative and extremely interesting. Interesting author's works, which you will find only here.

We will rate this game with seven stars, which we consider to be the highest achievement. Every gamer can download Street Fighter 2 SNK 8.0 Premium Edition and save it in their own collections. This is rarely a good work of art.

This is a truly spectacular show where gamers can unleash their imagination and mastery by creating their own combos.

This game was created by the MUGEN community. more information about the creators can be found in the credits attached to the software and the final captions of the game. 

We need to make an update. One of our gamers reminded us that in addition to the main fifty characters in the game, there are 21 other Secred Characters that are hidden behind the main ones...
You can unlock them easily. Place the cursor to select a character on the desired character and press the Start Button Two Consecutive Times. In this way, the new character will appear in the board of the game for choosing a character.

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play        

List of hidden selectable characters in the game Street Fighter 2 SNK 8.0 Premium Edition
About Ryu HinikiHidden charactersViolent RyuCyber Ryu  Evil Ryu Grand Master
About Ken MstersHidden charactersViolent KenDragon Ken
About GyukiHidden\New characters

God GyukiSheng Long
About CarlosHidden New character

About Go HibukiHidden character

About VegaHidden character Unmasked Vega

About Cammy Hidden New character
Killer Bee

About M.Bison Hidden character

Shin Boson
About SeanHidden New character
King Cobra

About DanHidden charactersViolent Dan
 Mr Saikyo 2 
About SagatHidden character
 Ill Sagat
Chun LiHidden characterSgadow Lady

About GuyHidden New character
Strider Hiryu

About CodyHidden New character
Captait Commando 

About Guile Hidden character

Sonnic Machine 

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