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Marvel vs Capcom MAXIMUM | MUGEN GAMES

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More info over the Game on: AuMiO VXC 

And here is a great game. Marvel vs Capcom is a massive crossover where Capcom and Marvel characters are brought together. An unprecedented adventure in the middle of our known universe of super powerful fighters and legendary superheroes. A total of 340 great encores will compete for victory. They will try to defeat the great Abiss.
Well among the heroes you will find many of the great masters of martial arts and masters of war and destruction. Such are Akuma, Ultron or Ashura from Street Fighter, for example.

this game has been created by PizzaHighFive aka UAguilar - ElGranDiego and mugen society.
All credits - in the text files of the game.
Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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