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DC vs. Marvel Mugen

DC VS. Marvel! But who is stronger?
The developers at ScruffyDragon bring you a game. A fun and dynamic superhero crossover. Mighty fighters who are gifted with their super natural powers will compete in an epic battle against each other.
Who will defeat Superman or Iron Man, Green Lanterns or Ultron. A total of 64 heroes from both universes are lined up in an epic battle against each other. It's up to you who you choose and whether you lead your favorite to victory.
Additionally, guest characters from both the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat universes have been added to the game. Sub-Zero, Raiden or Shao Kahn on one side and M. Bison, Ryu and Akuma on the other.
You will choose which team they support.
DC VS. Marvel by ScruffyDragon is an interesting game for MUGEN that will delight fans of the franchise.

Author - ScruffyDragon and MUGEN Society.

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