Golden Axe Game Pack

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Golden axe legendYou all remember the great games produced by S E G A. Great titles designed for both home consoles and arcade machines.
The saga seems neglected, and new titles and sequels are not as successful as the old Golden Ax stories. This is due, in large part, to the high contribution they once made by S E G A. Their achievements at the time, are difficult to catch up with.
Today, however, a community of volunteer fans is reviving these sagas with astonishing zeal. The games seem to be revived for a new life and carry the authentic spirit of that time. Along with this, many specifics and new features have been added to the games. A number of improvements that fans would like to find.
The main characters, the dwarf Gilius, the fiery Tiris or Ax Battler are always on available, but with them you will find many new characters who are guests from other series.
In general, these are new alternative stories of our favorite warriors from the distant barbaric times.

To play the new remakes with their new stories, you need a not very powerful computer, WII or PSP console.
The engine is free and supports a joystick. Additional, game settings will help you get credit, and the graphics quality is HD.

A set of games for OpenBoR. These are games presented by 2020 o include a set of six games. 

This OpenBoR package includes: 

  • Console - OpenBOR v3.0 Build 6391 with released this on 21 Aug 2018.
  • Golden Axe Genesis [Ver. 3.0][v.3.0 Build 4086]
  • Golden Axe Myth [v.3.0 Build 3342]
  • Golden Axe Legend [v.3.0 Build 4086]
  • Golden Axe Remake - Special Edition [Ver. 1.0][v.3.0 Build 3366]
  • Golden Axe The Curse of Death Adder [Ver. 3.0][v.3.0 Build 3342]
  • As the game Golden Ax Warriors [Ver. 1] [v.3.0 Build 4153], separated in own console, OpenBoR V3 Build 4385

These games are produced by the OpenBoR community and are free to play. 

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

Good Remake Games ==***7***==  Download! Golden Axe Game Packthis clip from The Areton'S - Web World Guide  on his channel оn youtube

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