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demon's hand mini packDemon's Hand | OpenBoR Game Pack is a collection of OpenBoR games. It's basically a mini pack of four games, but you can add any openbor game to this console.
Here we have included a demo version of the game Demon's Hand. This is a promising title, but it seems to be still under development. This game is created by DJGameFreakTheIguana and typically in his style are mixed characters from different series. Here you will find the hedgehog Shadow, who is partners with Sonic in the series of the same name. In Demon's Hand, however, his partners are Kratos, the ruthless god of war. Super Spirit Spawn, as well as SabreWolf. Your enemies are still a team, but you will study them during the game.
Extremely dynamic atmosphere and great game.
The game Sega Brawlers Megamix , which is again part of DJGameFreakTheIguana's work, have also been added to the Demon's Hand Game Pack. Great, beat 'em up mix of characters and scenes through which you will travel around the action worlds.

Daniele Spadoni's Turracan vs Terrminator games have also been added. This game is a typical shooter, very similar to the legendary game - Contra. You will also find one of the best openbor games - Marvel First Alliance 2.

This OpenBoR game pack is loaded with three games stored in the console and a V 6391 engine. You can add more game files to the three games in its content by downloading them from our library. 

This OpenBoR package includes: 

  • Console - OpenBOR v3.0 Build 6391 with released this on 21 Aug 2018.
  • Demon's Hand [Demo][v.3.0 Build 3366]
  • Marvel First Alliance 2 [Ver. 2.72][v3.0 Build 4086]
  • Sega Brawlers Megamix [Ver. 8.8][57 Chars]
  • Turracan vs Terrminator

This game pack has been compiled for you by RedBrilliantFox and is free to download on or

These games are produced by the OpenBoR community and are free to play. 

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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