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Hyper_Final_Fight_2_updated_by_LiquidPolicenaut-SPEEDALLONLINEGAMESSITESHERE-FREE-FAN-GAME-VIDEO-OPENBOR-PC-SYSTEM-ENTER-DOWNLOAD-LINK  This is a mod for Final Fight 2 with improvements from M.Q.
Eligible characters here are Hagar, Cody, Guy, Mackie, Lucia and Carlos from Final Fight.
Dee Jay, Z-Cody, Guile, Fei-Long, Z-Guy, Cammy from Street Fighter.
This is probably the most complete version of Hyper Final Fight 2, where brilliant history and exquisite technical performance meet. The added symbols are perfectly synchronized, there are no discrepancies between the individual elements, and the decoration is flawless.
As a disadvantage of the game you can consider that your life points are too insufficient. Although quite agile, your fighters can easily defeat the enemy, but their life points are very limited. Of course, the OpenBoR menu provides settings for inexhaustible credits. But if you want to truly enjoy this great story, you will have to try and acquire mastery.
Hyper Final Fight 2 and Liquid Policenaut are based on the technical performance of Beats of Rage, here the characters are far more lively and mobile. There is still no huge set of special fighting techniques and moves, and the available ones are not very effective. But on the other hand, standard fighting techniques are far more spectacular and effective. With your hits you will inflict devastating blows on the enemy.

Author Mr.Q, Liquid Policenaut and OpenBoR society

Bug-how to fix?
We must mention that the game has a bug that can be very annoying. At level 5 between  TIME 40:00 after 44:20 you will see the solution.
In the right - Behind the screen there are barrels that block one of the enemy fighters. He keeps shooting at you, and you can't beat him. What you can do is line up the barrels and try to throw one of your opponents on the barrels using a special hit. This will break them and you will continue the game.

You can also try to transfer the game's .pak file to the older but stable Build 3366 console

Installation ===>> Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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Bug fix:  !!!
TIME 40:00 and 44:20

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