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super-final-fight-gold-plus-TMNT Perfect! A new addition to the world of revamped games.
After a series of improvements to Pierwolf's game - Final Fight Gold, there is now a fourth series Super Final Fight Gold Plus (Bootleg).
It is produced by EverlastingGaming and adds more dynamics to the gameplay, several levels of difficulty, more enemies and a new soundtrack.
In addition to all this, the four Ninja Turtles, Donatelo, Rafaelo, Michelangelo and Leonardo, are now selectable characters.
You can use your favorite characters in battle, and they are very strong.
This version of the game is not difficult, but very interesting.
About an hour of active and very interesting gameplay.

 Super Final Fight Gold Plus Bootleg has been produced by OpenBoR society, PierWolf, EverlastingGaming.
Download === >> unzip === >> play

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