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FINAL FIGHT LNS ULTIMATE V.04-openbor-ready to play And so the legendary game of LNS - Final Fight Ultimate is back with its fourth version. The current title is Final Fight Ultimate LNS V.0.4 and it comes to us with its countless gameplay fixes. Tons of fixes make the game far sleeker and better looking. However, it remains quite difficult, and this will appeal to gamers and die-hard fans who, once mastered, will be able to flaunt their virtuosity.

We counted 122 separate fixes and new improvements to the game which promises a new and quite different gameplay.
You will find a total of 112 individual characters that are part of the Capcom universe, but also among them you will be able to unlock those that pertain to SNK. These are the masters of martial arts from the King of Fighters and Art of Fighting.
All the characters that are featured in Final Fight Ultimate LNS V.0.4 have a unique set of grips, super combos and punches, as well as several different special moves. Ryu Hoshi and Akuma from Street Fighter are present here with several incarnations of their own. So for example you will be able to find the super strong Evil Ryu or the mighty Oni. The original fighters from the Final Fight franchise are also presented in a new way. They are also among the strongest fighters in the game. Haggar's qualities as a wrestler are second to none. He has acquired many new and never-before-seen degrees of his mastery. His devastating special moves are easily charged up and unleashed with a simple combo. Other characters from the Final Fight series who come across as very strong and extravagant are Guy and Lucia. They are agile and powerful, which is a playstyle that suits this OpenBoR game very well.

Apart from all the other qualities that make Final Fight Ultimate LNS V.0.4 a super production, this fan-made game also includes a total of 10 different mods in its composition. These are both separate game modes and different scenarios that you can go through. In their essence, these are separate and full-fledged add-on games.

 This game has been produced by OpenBoR society, PierWolf, LNS and special corrections by SMG.
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