Return of the Double Dragon

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Creator's site info <<=== Mr.Q.

Return of the Double Dragon fury graphicsAnother game from Mr.Q. Much of this artist's work is dedicated to the double dragon. The games have been redesigned so that they can be fully integrated with the original title. In other words, he makes the games what fans would like them to be.This is again a remake of the game Super Double Dragon, many new combinations have been added, as well as new characters.
New landscapes, new maps and new skins have also been added.
Very successful presentation - the sets are great.
The complexity of the game and the variety of strokes and grips to master make the game interesting and unique.
Every Double Dragon master would also like to play Mr.Q games dedicated to the series.

This Game was created by Mr.Q. and OpenBoR society

Instalation ===>> Download ===>> unzip ===>> copy Return of the Double Dragon.PAK ===>> paste into OpenBoR's paks folder ===>> play from OpenBoR.exe

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