Double Dragon Extreme Anime Mix

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battle in the catacombs  Games dedicated to the Double Dragon saga have always been a great success. This classic is unique and the transformations and updates are always productive. This is the Extreme Anime Mix game. It is a mod to the game Double Dragon written under the core of openbor. The engine is excellent and the synchronization is complete. Many innovations have been added to the game. You can now restore your life points during the campaign. You have at your disposal a large set of grips and shootings special moves, that hit the enemy from afar. New maps, have been added, as well as a choice of which of the three parts of the saga to play.Perhaps the most significant contribution of the plot is the addition of a huge number of characters from other sagas. Like minotaurs, knights and even turtles you can play with.
The menu of the game is in Chinese but it is common for openbor so it is used without any problems.

Installation : Dounload ===>> unzip ===>> play

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