Double Dragon Gaiden

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Double Dragon Gaiden beats the truckers

Oh! This game is great and is one of my favorites, with which I will complete my own collection of good games.In fact, this is a new script for Double Dragon 1, new characters and a few new tricks have been added. The engine of Open.B.O.R. makes battles very easy to fight.There is also a wide range of weapons that you can use. In fact, these are the weapons of the original game, but here it is a real furor.
 M ...! Rich game with excellent gameplay, a real treasure for connoisseurs of Double Dragon.How is it installed?
Download OpenBOR FIRST===>> Download the zip file and unzip (the game files)
===> Find and open the packages folder and copy this MYMOD.PAK file from it===>> Paste in the paks folder of OpenBOR===>>
Double Dragon Gaiden fighting weapnsPlay from the OpenBOR.exe    

You can support the author and his works here!
This game has been created by Gabo Hanzo  and OpenBoR society. 
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