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 New U.D.D UPDATE by Mr.Q. Spawn and Shaq in Ultimate Double Dragon - OpenBoR!

A new climate in the Ultimate Double Dragon atmosphere. Its author, the well-known Mr.Q (mahcneto), never ceases to delight us with his innovations and additions. Now in the new 2023 version 0.91 of Ultimate Double Dragon, two new characters have been added. These are the characters of Spawn and Shaq. Favorite characters with their own fighting style that make the setting different and dynamic. An action-packed environment that will appeal to even the most demanding gamers.
As you know Mr.Q's Ultimate Double Dragon is a Hight Level Combos game. You can expect both of these newly introduced characters, Spawn and Shaq, to have different and intriguing fighting techniques and even finishing moves and own combos.
They are not very complicated to perform, but when you master them, you will be able to enjoy a truly unique gameplay.

A short Spawn and Shaq hit combo list

 Open the Special Combo List ==>> Over the Gameplay ==>> Hold BLK and then press UP - UP - DOWN - DOWN







Ultimate Double Dragon - Spawn &Shaq is still a demo. This is part of Mr.Q's Ultimate Double Dragon project and introduces the new enhanced version of the game. Here you will find all the elements of the previous public version U.D.D 0.85, and many innovations.

You can support
 Mr.Q in his creativity and encourage his work.

It is the author's requirement that we provide his game download links. You can follow them below. There you will also find every new update.

But If the links ever disappear we will restore them from our archive so the fun is guaranteed!

Call for upcoming updates, you can get by visiting Mr.Q on his Discord Channel or on the game's website. You can also visit the ''cronocrash'' forum.

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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