Double Dragon Revolution 2

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Double Dragon Revolution 2 DOWNLOAD  Double Dragon Revolution 2 was created by the OpenBoR community and more information about its creators can be found in the info.  files of the game.
Excellent features and very long gameplay. Over two hours of play, contained in fourteen great missions.

The composition of the characters from which you can choose your player is wide and consists of eight characters. Along with Billi and Jimmy, you can now choose characters like Hanzo or Sonny. The giants Berseker, Blitz and Bullova are also available.
These huge figures look clumsy, but their powerful blows can crush the enemy with a few volleys.
Another player is Kunio, who is our guest from the game of the same name by Technos. This character is characterized by extremely good technical qualities, as he can fight from a distance and inflict a series of defeats on the enemy.
By nature, Hanzo and Sonny are improved versions of the Double Dragon. Their grips and fighting techniques distinguish the classic style of the game and offer an excellent gaming experience. These are extremely dynamic fighters who fight with ease.
The levels have also been improved, as these are entirely new missions not found in other, classic copies of the game. Double Dragon Revolution 2 combines elements of games such as Night Slashers, Altered Beast.
A number of improvements to the existent characters of this saga also gives a colorful new look to this work.

Double Dragon Revolution 2 is a game that is distributed free of charge and you can find it by following the links provided on our site.

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