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Double Dragon-Extreme-Billiy Lee-Jimy Lee A game by Mr.Q.Well, maybe many of us have heard of Mr.Q. The creator from OpenBoR society who created for us some of the best free games. Such titles as The Legend of Double Dragon, Ultimate Double Dragon or the game FightForever.One of his best games, however, lies deep in the early years of his work. At the dawn of OpenBoR and with the old OpenBoR v3.0 Build 2656 engine, he presents the game Double Dragon Extreme to fans.
Awesome! The game shows its excellent qualities and is loved by many fans. It includes as many as 10 different mods in its composition, each of them covering a different period in the development of the story of the Double Dragon. You will notice numerous changes and additions to the decoration, new stages and many more new elements.
For your selectable character, the author has provided Jimmy Lee and Billy Lee. Each one of them, however, has three of its own varieties, which also have their own fighting style and additional characteristics. These are the X-ISM, Z-ISM and S-ISM variants that you will be able to choose from. Also added are numerous fighting techniques that you can use on enemy fighters, which makes the game quite interesting.
We tested Double Dragon Extreme on the new OpenBoR v3.0 Build 6391 engine from 2020, which also boasts a number of improvements, such as HD picture quality and HQ hardware filter. The game works flawlessly with this new module.

UDD-Chin & Ranzou game has been produced by OpenBoR society and Mr.Q [mahcneto]

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