Double Dragon Evil Forces Expand

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Double Dragon Evil Forces Expand Double Dragon: Evil Forces Expand is a game created in 2017. However, it is one of the best works for OpenBoR that simulates 8-bit systems. The graphics and animation are very reminiscent of the old Nintendo consoles.Simple decorations, which, however, look great in the overall look.Double Dragon: Evil Forces Expand uses the OpenBoR engine to power its models, which means that the dynamics and gameplay are modern and attractive. The figures move at a game pace that will allow you to immerse yourself in this beat 'em up world. At your disposal are three characters to play with. You can choose Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee or Bimmy, who is a new character for the saga. The three characters have similar techniques for fighting. Particularly attractive is Jimmy, who has some pretty spectacular grips.
The game looks very good and the synchronization between the elements is excellent, the dynamics are high quality and the matches are fascinating. We can mention that it is quite short and you will want to play more.
Two more levels have been added to the game, probably a demo for the next fuller version. They are quite interesting and completely new plots.

Double Dragon Evil Forces Expand the game  has been produced by Die in Fire and OpenBoR society  

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play == ! =// When you start the game, wait about a minute for it to load.

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