Art Of Fighting Trouble in Southtown

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Another HD quality game created for all of us. It is created by JON SILVA, based on the game Art of Fighting BoR remix 3 by Mr.Q, with the help of OpenBoR. The game offers excellent engraving quality. Excellent stories with unique elements, offering a variety of opportunities. A rich set of spectacular hits and grips will make you real super heroes. Effective super combos will crush your opponents in a superhuman rush.
Oh! This game is unique. You have a choice of the three characters from the Takuma's family.
These are Robert, Yuri and Ryo Sakazaki. Each of them has a duplicated image with different fighting techniques and techniques. Another addition is that you can replace your character during the game.

One addition - to the game: when you fight on the truck you will receive signals about obstacles along the way. These beatings are easily broken with a blow.

Another added bonus that is very valuable. At the beginning of the game there is a special console called the Strange Obelisk. Here are various codes and secrets that you can unlock. Here are the codings for them: ===>> the codes page<<===

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

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Art Of Fighting Trouble in Southtown  AoF by Toranks v2.4 - new update but the games are so diferent!