Ghouls'n Ghosts Return

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the red knight download link  You probably all know the legendary game Ghosts'n Demons - Linear 2d shooter, produced by Capcom. Dark creatures, demons and ghosts emerged from medieval beliefs and knights in shining armor, shedding light at night and defeating demons and powerful spells. Ghouls'n Ghosts Return, however, goes beyond that.
This is a remake - add a Linear Extension to the old tactical map - and now navigate the entire map as in most beat'em up games.
Several interesting knights with unique characteristics will fight for you.
These are the long Sword - Bediver, the universal Galahad, the Fast Lancelot, the strong Bors and the mighty Percival
Additional character - Arthur, who is distinguished by his unsurpassed strength and magic.
In fact, this game is extremely successful and the transition to a wider group, typical of beat games, is more than appropriate.

Installaton : Download ===>> unzip ==>> copy and paste this pak. file into paks folder on openbor  ===>> play and fun

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