Fatal fury Re-bout 2

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Fatal fury the beautiful mayAnother game dedicated to the Fatal Fury.This is the ReBout game.Great game for connoisseurs.
He takes the storyline to the world of beat'em up, where ours heroes, Kim, May, Terry, Joey, Andy, will demonstrate their skills outside the arena of Fatal Fury. They are loaded with a huge number of grips and their powers are superhuman. However, their rivals are also well trained and more of them.
The game can be described as excellent, without flaws, quality synchronization, excellent animation. The performance is first class.

Installation: Download ===>> unzip ===>> go into the game's ''paks'' folder ===>> copy Fatal fury Re-bout 2.pak  ===>> paste into OpenBoR's ''paks'' folder ===>> play from OpenBoR.exe Download v2.1

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