Dungeons and Dragons The Rise of Warduke

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the strategic map of the game The Rise of Warduke  The whole legendary world has gathered here in this game.You have to try it. The game mode is RPG mixed with a lot of gemte ot beat 'em up battles. You will meet a hero from "Knights of the Round" to the Heroes of Might and Magic through, various strange creatures and all the way to the Golden Axe. They are all included in the game. The kingdom is huge and you will be able to go around it. Along with the standard missions, you will find other alternative tests, from which you will earn various bonuses.
As part of the game strategy you need to know that.
You will need a lot of gold - through it you will buy various spells and tools. However, you will also find a number of artifacts on the battlefield or win them as part of the mission reward.
Many fields are scattered on the map and you have to visit them and then switch to standard beat 'em up mode.
Battles are overwhelming - many of your opponents outperform your tactical skills and you will often have to use magic. But you will have enough mana to produce war spells.

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