Art of fighting trouble in chinatown 3.0
  1. Hello how do I get art of fighting 3.0 to download on to my phone for some reason it won't download the whole thing? Anyone have a idea?
We tested the game and it works.
Actually, for Android you don't need everything, only the .pak file of the game and an emulator. [Android version of OpenBoR]

- The files are archived in 7zip format. First make sure your unziper can unzip them.
- Then you need to put the .pak file in your Android emulator.

If you have problems with the .pak file - you can try this thread.

Art of Fighting: Beats of Rage Remix 3 (Napalm Hack !) ( 

Here - you can download a revised version - Napalm
Original Version - OLD <<<
The optimal version of OpenBoR for this game is 4086
I get no pak file from it for some reason? This is the toranks edit every other game downloads fine but this one? I get data,saves and all that says the pak is just 0 in it? I'll see if it's the unzipper? Also it's art of fighting trouble in chinatown 
Use this link I gave you - download the games from it.

Also from this link ''Original Version - OLD <<<'' contains only .pak file