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Napalm Hack of Beats of Rage Remix 3

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So friends, we can present you the next Napalm game or as it is also known as ''Napalm Hack''.
As the name of the version suggests, you can expect a much more dynamic and explosive game. In principle, the changes are aimed at providing a more saturated and intense gameplay. Towards mastering the special moves and changing the fighting techniques of the characters. You will also have much easier control over your characters and you will be able to direct the battles with the lerkota.
By its nature, Napalm resembles a hack in the game system. Actually, though, it's a simple edit of the set elements in the open source.

This part of Napalm is built over Mr.Q's Art of Fighting: Beats of Rage Remix 3. Many new engines have been added to provide a dynamic and intense gameplay.

In this version is attached you can use:
- Two new buttons for direct entry of special moves.
- HP -500
- MP - 1000
- MP Rate - 7
- Burning Bug - Fixed
Maximum Fighting Style:
- New Fighting Style of Joe Higashi, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia.
- New Controllers controllers for special moves of all characters

Description and arrangement of game controllers!
=A= =S= =J=
=A3= =A4=
Yuri Sakazaki - ALL

=A4, A4, A4=


Ryo, Robert Garcia

Napalm Hack over Art of Fighting: Beats of Rage Remix 3 has been created by Red Brilliant Fox, @A.W.B. and @OTG-A.W.B.
The original game Art of Fighting: Beats of Rage Remix 3 has been created by Mr.Q
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- YouTube channel of Mr.Q
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Napalm Hack v 1.0 beta
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