Streets of Rage Z

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blaze mega fightExcellent game from the Z series. Inspired by Streets of Rage.A wonderful creation.The game is not a remake. This is a new story with its own plot and development in the context of Mr.'s experiments. X, his desire to take the city and the need to acquire an extremely powerful weapon to make it invincible.
Our group of Axel, Blaze, Shiva, Max and Adam is supported by Sega and by a new character, this is DKNiht.
The world that is deeply at the base of Mr. X seems surreal. His experiments have created people with green skin, steel teeth, robots, test tubes full of undeveloped species and all sorts of strange figures, ready to fill the world and conquer it.
An interesting game and its story complements that of the original series.

Author of Streets of Rage Z is Natalia Luzak and OpenBoR Society.

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play

!!! if the game no work in you device ===>> Download OpenBoR first ===>> copy the pak. file from the paks. folder on the game ===>> paste it into the paks. folder on openbor ===>> play and fun !!!

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