Streets of Rage Zombies

Streets of Zombie is one of the first games for OpenBoR. It is actually a remake of Streets of Rage where the characters from Wood Oak City are placed in a world different from the one we know. In this ''Zombie Land'' reality, Mr.X has abandoned his robots as a means of domination and turned his experiments to biohazard. Through his biological weapons, he turns people into zombies. There is actually a zombie version of Blaze Fielding. That's right Blaze Fielding is a zombie and she fights pretty well at that.
Streets of Zombie is an interesting game that will gather many fans.
Apart from everything else, the fighters will be gifted with additional skills that are not present in the original parts of the game. This is because the author used the platform of Rage of The Streets to recreate his plot.

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This Game has been created by OpenBoR Society.
Installation: Download=>unzip=>play
Only Windows

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