Streets of Rage X - Kratus

Ok! Ok! Kratus [F-Games] is done - his Streets of Rage X game is finally complete...

Although it is still in its BETA version as of May 2023, we now have a public copy that can be played by fans (ready to play public version)

A very good overture. A great start, a promising platform that can only get better from here.

Although it carries the distinctive features of OpenBoR we have, a great contender, a real competition of Streets of Rage Remake. And an amazing retelling of the original story of Streets of Rage by SEGA.

Over the Game

Streets of Rage X is coming to us on the widescreen. A functional virtual console that is currently adapted for Windows and Android. You will notice that the folder for the .pak file is missing. Don't let this puzzle you - just download the ready version of the game for Android and play.

The menu is standard, but selected in several sub-sections.

It is natural for OpenBoR that the authors put additional bonuses that are unlocked after a thorough game.

It's the same here.

In addition to the standard arcade mode, you will also be able to unlock a survival mode. To do this, you need to play the game once. Replay twice will unlock Rebellion mode. By playing more than three times you can get a CPU partner. And replaying four times also brings you the final ''Ending'' mode.

Let's remember that the game modes are practically separate expansions in the main game - new games.

Once you have selected your mode, you will be able to select your route. Each path will lead you to the missions of Streets of Rage 1, Streets of Rage 2 or Streets of Rage 3. Each mission has significant improvements and expansions. Various renovations that make it more interesting for fans.

After choosing your routh, an X-shaped menu will open in front of you, in which your characters are also arranged.

Let us mention this that after testing the game, we found that Dr. Gilbert Zan is the most practical choice to play. A powerful and agile hero who does well against all kinds of enemies and difficulties.

Another novelty you will find is that for the first time in OpenBoR you can open the settings menu via the pause button while playing. That is, you can adjust your gaming keyboard, video or sound settings while playing. This is a big plus considering you don't have to restart the game if you find something to fix.

We should note, however, that this time the options menu known as cheats is locked. Through it, some extras, such as infinite lives or credits, were obtained directly in the game. Now it is locked by default and you will have to show persistence and skill like a true gamer, to play and win.

Streets of Rage X has been produced by Kratus  [OpenBoR and Streets of Rage Remake communities]

Installation: Download - Unzip - Play

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