⭐👉 Streets of Rage Chaos [v1.2 LITE]

Streets of Rager 2X OpenBoR is a great game created by Kratus. Over the years, the project evolved to a super production scale and changed its name to Streets of Rage X.
However, many of us still do not know that this project has another branch of its development. Another project that builds on Streets of Rager 2X in a new and different way. This time it's not the work of Kratus, but the Chinese creator Xturtleh. His game is called Streets of Rage Chaos.
Borrowing the SoR 2X platform, it adds new qualities to the characters.
The concept here is quite different from that of Streets of Rage X. Autotruth only focuses on transforming the gameplay. The game still uses the original stages, but the fighters now fight in a new and more spectacular way. This also applies to weapons in the game. They now explode every time they hit the enemy at high speed.
Also added are Death Fields, which deal damage to anyone caught in them.
Also, the grenades have been replaced by a flammable cocktail. Once thrown, it continues to burn for a long time and deal damage.
New bosses have also been added. You'll notice that after defeating Mr.X, Mr.Karate immediately appears to be your opponent and final boss in mission 2. Also, a number of mid-bosses have been added.
Streets of Rage Chaos is still in its beta version and the menu is in Chinese. However, fans of OpenBoR won't have a hard time getting their bearings.
The game is very interesting and diverse, and the innovations are yet to come.

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Author's: Xturtleh 
Author's YouTube Channel: @xturtleh6540 

pre-Author: Kratus [His SoR2X platform is at the core of Streets of Rage Chaos]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Remake, Upgrade of Streets of Rage 2X
Status: Beta Version
License: Free to Download - Free to play

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