Streets of Rage Chaos v 1.22 Eng

You already know the game Streets of Rage Chaos. It is the work of the author from China Xturtleh. A very good game that is still in its beta version. However, the main table is now ready to play.
The various bugs and problems in the functions rely precisely on the gamers and beta testers to be corrected.
The new version 1.22 includes various fixes, the most significant of which includes the repair of mission number 4 stage 8.
In version 1.2, when Neo-X kill you, your character could not respawn and the game could not continue.
Now the author has convinced us that this has been corrected and you will be able to enjoy a full gaming atmosphere.
Unfortunately, the menu still remains a difficulty. It's in Chinese, and the English version isn't very effective.
You should know that it is very similar to Kratus ot SoR2X menu so you can use them for comparison.

Additional characters are unlocked when you play all missions on above average difficulty.

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Author's: Xturtleh 
Author's YouTube Channel: @xturtleh6540 

pre-Author: Kratus [His SoR2X platform is at the core of Streets of Rage Chaos]
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Remake, Upgrade of Streets of Rage 2X
Status: English Version Beta
License: Free to Download - Free to play

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