Streets of Rage Z - 2

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max crumbs motorsThis version of Z has its own characteristics. Along with the innovations typical of the games in this series, the ability to enter the buildings along the way and fight there has been added. The linear development has been changed, adding the ability to choose a path to take. The fights are well synchronized, new spectacular grips, and the way you use the weapons in the game has changed. You can take a bat and make a good batch of hits with it. The players you can use are: Axel, Blaze, Max, Ralf, Shiva and Yuri.

Author of Streets of Rage Z is Natalia Luzak and OpenBoR Society.
Installation :
Download OpenBoR first 
===>> Download this pak.file ===>> unzip the pak.file ===>> paste it it to the paks. folder on openbor ===>> play and fun

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