⭐👉 Furia Massiva OpenBoR [Streets of Rage by Nando]

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It won't be an exaggeration to say that the year is starting in the best way for OpenBoR fans. We all await the new big titles with great interest, and here is the first of them. Furia Massiva is the first new OpenBoR game with which we step into the new year and which we present to fans for download. Furia Massiva is also a modern interpretation of the saga of the characters from Wood Oak City known as Streets of Rage by SEGA, which adds a new story to their adventures.
You will immediately notice that Furia Massiva [Streets of Rage] comes to us with the comfortable resolution of HQ 1920 x 1080 OpenGL in a full-screen or window version.
All stages in the game are new or heavily renovated, which will be highly appreciated by gamers. You will be able to play on never-before-seen battlefields, part of Wood Oak City. Also added are new and well-arranged artifacts to use to get bonuses or advantages in battles. A number of new animations and special effects will add to your comfort as you try to overcome the next opponent.
The difficulty level is above average, which will appeal to die-hard fans and hardcore gamers. Also, the characters are endowed with special skills that you will be able to learn from the attached instructions in the game menu. Cheats are unlocked by the author, so have fun to your heart's content.

Furia Massiva's story is all new, created by author Nando. It follows the events in the city after the defeat of Mr. X in the third installment of Streets of Rage.
A powerful new gang called Caveiras arrives in town and frees Mr. X, who becomes its leader. With joint efforts, they wrest control over the city, and so, after a brief peace, a new era of terror for the residents begins.
Axel Stone, Blazey Fielding, and Adam Hunter, however, find themselves far from this tumult. And so the team of these three heroes manages to reunite. They follow the trail of Mr. X on the countless adventures that await them in this lively and dangerous city.

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DeveloperNando [Facebook Account] 

Final Soundtrack : Iceferno [Official Website] with his OST "S.O.R. Opening" by Iceferno; Iceferno [YouTube Channel]

Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game / Remake / Remix
Genre: Beat 'em Up / Fighting
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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