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Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 is a new project by Douglas Baldan, also known as O Illusionista, a developer from the Brazil Mugen Team. This is still a demo version of the game, but the project has impressive new additions. The game is a pure inspiration from Pocket Dimensional Clash for Mugen, and you can guess that the same characters are involved, but now they are placed in the middle of a beat 'em up.
Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 is also a perfect multiverse. The board will take you through different dimensions that we know from our favorite arcade games. Your goal will be to defeat all enemies in battle and fix the timeline of the space that has been layered, similar to the Exiles comics. The story features Blink as the leader of this group of heroes and wars, as you'll find representatives from many different games. This demo features Reayon from Power Moves.
Captain Commando from the Captain Commando series and Blink from Marvel. However, more are yet to be added, such as Guile, Morrigan, TMNT, Ryu, Rugal, and more.

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👉Download Pocket Dimensional Clash 2 DEMO [Fast-Terabox]👉Download by Developer [Gamejolt] demo

You can check out O Illusionista's work by visiting and joining his Patreon. All exclusive scenes and latest game beta versions.

Developer's Patreon:⭐👉 O Ilusionista | creating Free Games and content for Mugen, OpenBOR and other eng | Patreon 

Also You can support O Illusionista's work by visiting his accounts at:

(paypal) http://brazilmugenteam.com/suport-me/ 
(Brazil only) https://livepix.gg/brazilmugenteam 
(Ko-fi) https://ko-fi.com/oilusionista 

Developer: Douglas Baldan (O Ilusionista) [Gamejolt] ; Developer's Website: Brazilian MUGEN Team
Engine: OpenBoR
Type: Game
Genre: Beat 'em Up/ Multiverse
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play [DEMO]

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