Street Fighter X Tekken MUGEN

Street Fighter X Tekken MUGEN is one of the best fighting games by RistaR87 that we can offer you to download from our site.  It's a VS style and you can expect some amazing battles.
MUGEN and the games created through it are free. In addition, however, Street Fighter X Tekken comes to us in a very compact form. Unzipped, it will only take up 819 GB of space on your disk.
The main menu offers a choice of 25 symbols, 3 of which are hidden. These are the mythical Sheng-Long that the MUGEN community long ago added as a real hero.
Ogre, which is one of the final bosses in Tekken. Also added the character of Johan, who looks a lot like Saiki.

Among other things, Street Fighter X Tekken is a very difficult game. Even on the lowest difficulty, the resistance of the opponents is at the highest level.
Matches start without a countdown, and many of the opponent's moves are quick and unpredictable. All of this will appeal a lot to avid gamers and fans of MUGEN and fighting games.

We also fixed the problem with controllers not being programmed to work.
 The introduced controllers are: 

A; S; D for kick 
H; X; C for hit 
Arrows, UP; DOWN, LEFT; RIGHT to move 

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Authors: RistaR87 [YouTube Channel]; Author's Blog
Engine: MUGEN
Status: Ready to Play

Genre: Fighting Game; Versus
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]

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