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 Very good game from mugen - Kof Max Power Ulra Gear.
It was created by Desi Game World - the famous YouTube channel for streaming and downloading mugen games. Let's note that the game is perfect. Although not so lavish in appearance, it will captivate you with its perfect gameplay and good synchronization between individual elements.
The mugen engine performs excellently and promises KoF fans real, tense action.
Although the game suggests that this is a tournament from The King of Fighters series, we should note that the full line-up of Street Fighter fighters is also participating here. However, you will find that unit control is typical of SNK games, with 4 main buttons.
The console provides a choice of 174 characters, including Sagat, Gouki, Marco, Ryo Sakazaki and Takuma, Jazu, Silver, as well as representatives from other games, such as Marco Rossi for example. This character, guest here from the game Metal Slugs.
Well, Kof Max Power Ulra Gear is a great game that will appeal to fans.


Kof Max Power Ulra Gear mugen has been created by MUGEN Society and featuring Desi Game World.

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