⭐👉 The King of Street Fighter Unlimited Tag Battle

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The King of Street Fighter Unlimited Tag Battle is a fairly old but classic game of the type Street Fighter vs. The King of Fighters.
They are adapted for the MUGEN engine, or in particular for one of the sharp versions of the engine, Win Mugen.
This is a very good project that has included 52 characters from the two sagas. One of the characters is a hidden character. This is Mr. Karate [Takuma Sakazaki]. It is hidden under Dan Hibiki's symbol.
The game is characterized by stability and excellent settings. It will be very difficult for you, however, to master the gameplay. The fighters are very strong, and controlling them is quite difficult.
The tournament is played in one-round matches, but in stealth mode, the turn option is also set. Thanks to her, you will be able to form a team of two, three, or four teammates.

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Developer: zion [MUGEN Fighters Guild] 
Engine: MUGEN [WinMugen]
Type: Remake
Genre: Versus [VS]
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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Additional: Fix instructions by Paragumugen [YouTube Channel and Game Developer]

''I just downloaded it here, and when I opened the file, there was an error, but as I already work with Mugen, I knew what the resolution was. For anyone who has the same error, just go to the data folder and in mugen.def change the Width = 1280 Height = setting. 800 for width = 640 and height = 480; now that I changed it, it works.''