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Interesting, interesting... A unique game. 
The Mugen community once again shows us their superiority as fighting game makers. Unsurpassed enthusiasm from developers to reproduce and experiment. Amazing games are produced as a result.
And now we will present to your attention the game ´´KoF MUGEN Black´´.
It is dedicated to the story from The King of Fighters, but in this remake, the author has also put his imagination into it. The darkness of night has descended upon the earth, and the darkness has gifted our familiar challengers with new powers and abilities. Many have mixed their skills, such as the Stone Orochi. This is a version of Orochi that has many of Mukai's skills.
You'll notice that many of the characters have alternative versions of themselves. These are: Geese Howard with a Nightmare version of his character, Orochi, who is also present as Stone Orochi, Phoenix Orochi, or Orochi Kyo, and others. In fact, among the 158 selectable characters, you will find versatile and amazing transformations that make the game interesting. One such example is the powerful version of Daemon Goro: Real Boss. It is so powerful that it easily destroys lower-class opponents.
The gameplay in KoF MUGEN Black is extremely interesting. The new skills of the fighters make gaming something never seen before.

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Developer: Mugen OBSESSION 2.0 [YouTube Channel] 
Developer: Gameness Theory [WebSite]
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Remake
Genre: Versus [VS]
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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