The King of Fighters Anthology Expanded Edition (675 characters)

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It is with great pleasure that we present the game The King of Fighters Anthology Extended Edition, which includes a set of 675 characters.
Perfectly constructed images of some of the most popular characters from The King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown, Martial Masters, and more. Many of the characters have had several incarnations.
One such character is Dan Hibiki, who still exists as Shin Mr.Saikio, Go Hibiki, Shin Go Hibiki, and Violent Dan. Each of these characters is different and has its own characteristics.
Shin Go Hibiki, for example, is one of the strongest characters in the game.
But you will also find many new martial arts masters who belong to one of our known schools. Such masters are Sakuraba Sakazaki, Caperio, and Segata Senshiro.

Of course, there are also guest characters, such as Dard Maul or Dr. Zan, as well as several individual fighters from Mortal Kombat, such as Raiden and Skorpion. The specifics of this game are that all characters are presented in the gamer's favorite style and are known for their realistic proportions and detailed textures, SNK style.

Well, The King of Fighters Anthology extended edition boasts high stability, digestibility, and content control. So have fun—the MUGEN games are for everyone.

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Author: Duracelleur [BLOG],  Author's Facebook;

Author's Facebook Page of the Game, Author's Deviantart account
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Game/Crossover/Multiverse
Genre: Versus
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play
Version: Extended Version with 675 characters

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