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The new offering that has the potential to bring fans of the classic original Mortal Kombat game back to consoles is called Mortal Kombat Project Power. It was created by developer @johnny_cage_MK_2 and is part of the project work for MUGEN known as the ''Mortal Kombat Project''.
There is a complete overhaul of much of the artwork in the game. Numerous scenes have been redecorated, and the available finishing moves are easily polished.
A number of special effects have been added. Like in the movie The Matrix, and here the speed slows down on the final impact, so you can see the action in detail. It is a very interesting and inspiring experience through which your MK fighter zeal will be rewarded.
Sixty Five characters have been added to the Mortal Kombat Project Power character palette, and there are no hidden characters. However, it is notable that several versions of Sub Zero have been added, including his Bi Han version. As you know, Bi Han is the real name of Sub Zero, as we know from Mortal Kombat 1.
Also, Shan Tsung is present with all his versions, but only the MK 3 version is present as a selectable character.
Well, the game is very interesting, and you will definitely want to play it and keep it in your archives.

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Developer: @johnny_cage_MK_2 [YouTube Channel]
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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