⭐👉 Mortal Kombat Fight 4.0 - 2024

On this page of our Free MUGEN Games Store, you can find the game Mortal Kombat Fight 4.0 directly.

Mortal Kombat Fight is a fan game developed and powered by the MUGEN engine.
It rests on the basis of Mortal Kombat Project MUGEN but is significantly more advanced in terms of quality.
Now the story is enriched with many characters not found in the original series.
You will immediately notice that the menu has a huge number of contenders for the title of champion of the fighting martial arts tournament organized in the name of protecting the Earth Realm, Mortal Kombat. That's 330 different characters, not all of whom are part of the existing story. Such are the fighters from Street Fighter, Hishtnika, the Alien, and even the Image of Ikki Chan, who have joined the fighters led by Raiden.
On the other hand, many of the characters have several variations of their own. So, for example, you will find Sub-Zero, Fronzen Sub-Zero, or Absolute Zero. They are all variations of the main character but have different abilities and fighting styles.
Of course, there are also completely new characters, but you will get to know them when you play.
Now let's add a very interesting novelty that makes the game really exciting.
Many of the finishing moves that are part of the fight can be done before the opponent is knocked out.
They will automatically eliminate him, and the match will be over. This is quite complicated to implement, but for that, it is quite interesting.

Well, we wish you good fun with this game. At the request of the author, we will provide you with a link directly to his YouTube account, where you can download the game Mortal Kombat Fight 4 MUGEN.

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Developer: @SharkMugen [YouTube Channel] [Alê M]
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Remix
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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