Mortal Kombat Trilogy Plus Ultimate Edition

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Mortal Kombat Trilogy Plus Ultimate Edition-download

This is one of the good games for m.g.u.e.n. which you can play. Perfect workmanship, no flaws, excellent presence.
This is the game Mortal Kombat Trilogy Plus Ultimate Edition.
Here are 60 characters, as well as additional characters that are not present in the original game.
As to many of the characters are added in several varieties. They all use different skills, techniques and techniques.
Valuable artifact - Shang Tsung from MK1 is present here as a selectable character. He proved to be a full-fledged master of martial arts with his own style.
  The game has very good qualities.

this game was created by: MK Gamer and m.g.u.e.n. society 

Installation : Download ===>> unzip ===>> play   

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