Mortal Kombat Project - Solano Edition EDITION 3.1 Ultra Plus

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As you know, Mortal Kombat Project - MUGEN is one of the best productions dedicated to the legendary franchise - Mortal Kombat. The solid foundation that the MUGEN project lays makes it possible to create various improvements, upgrades and even whole new remakes.
And here one of the best alternatives Mortal Kombat Project - Solano Edition 3.1 Ultra Plus got a new edition for 2023.
There are many changes. You will notice that many of the characters have acquired new capabilities, the control of the special moves has also been changed, and new arenas and stories have been added.
The game also excites fans with its new approach to gameplay development. Although it is basically the same, it will provide a radically new gameplay for gamers.

Mortal Kombat Project - Solano Edition 3.1 Ultra Plus 2023 was created by: m.g.u.e.n. society Werllon Frank and NEKKO SANTOS

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