Mortal Kombat Project FLAME - EDIT 2022

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Mortal Kombat project-flame

Mortal Kombat Project Flame is a great game. Its latest modification for 2022 shows enviable features. Very stable conjuncture. Excellent gameplay, without interruptions and cuts and perfect image and cinematics. In fact, we will celebrate this 5-star game. Although the game is of excellent quality, it still offers a limited selection of characters.
With a 5 star rating, understand the best. Although the game offers only classic versions of the characters, you will have a total of 56 characters at your disposal. Among the characters are such fighters as Hydro, Nitra, the great Tremor and of course Flame. Its fiery streams, which look more like molten glass, easily overthrow the enemy. In addition, the cyber version of Raptor has been added. Although with the qualities of an ordinary mortal, his fighting abilities surpass those of others. Thus, Raptor turned out to be a great contender for the throne of Shao Kahn.
Of course, the traditionally strong Kintaro and Goro are always good choices for a fighter to play with. Their amazing attacks and abilities are irresistible.
Mortal Kombat Project Flame edit 2022 offers more and more rich and perfect animation. The decoration creates a deeper atmosphere in which players will be able to fully immerse themselves.

Mortal Kombat project-cyborgsThis game was created by: m.g.u.e.n. society and Borg117 and flame MK

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