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MORTAL KOMBAT REMAKE GORE-raiden-vs-rein - download

Gore is a great game dedicated to Mortal Kombat. This work has a strong authorial spirit. Unlike most mugen games, this one does not copy the original. He improvises and builds on existing mythology to such an extent that we can consider this game as a complete alternative story.
In the dark niches of the outside world and legends, the battles continue. The stories are much more comprehensive than the Earth Conquest Tournament can tell us.
Thousands more stories intertwine to give us the rope of existence ...
Many fighters, completely changed fighting techniques, additional skills, new finishing moves, new sets and arenas.
Your well-known characters from the old relics are so different that you will have to explore them again.

this game was created by: mundoxretro and m.g.u.e.n. society 

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