⭐👉 Mortal Kombat project Dreamchaser V4 - 2023

On this page of our Mortal Kombat MUGEN Game Store, you can download the game Mortal Kombat Project Dreamchaser V4-2023 directly. 

Here is the Mortal Kombat project Dreamchaser V4-2023 with its latest update for the year 2023.
As you know, the action in the Dreamchaser series takes place in a rather strange, colorful, and beautiful world, but in this version, the author has added quite a few scary arenas, which bring us back to the harsh regulations of Mortal Kombhat.
Its creator is the developer, Antares of Antares Mugen Creations. As you know from the previous releases of this MUGEN game, this project has a colorful and ornate palette. The world of Mortal Kombat is now housed in a colorful display of the most beautiful otherworlds Shao Kahn has ever reached. You'll also discover a whole constellation of added characters, as well as all-new characters created by the developer specifically for the Mortal Kombat Dreamchaser series.
You will be able to select them as selectable characters and play with them.
Maeniuto gives you a choice of 86 characters, but under the main board there are 16 additional selectable characters, such as Shao Kahn, Goro, Motaro, Kintaro, and Chameleon. In this MUGEN version of the Mortal Kombat game, additional characters that are part of the Streets of Rage game have been added. These are Shiva, Electra, Suzaku, and Gale.
The gameplay is stable and very interesting. The game modes are Single, Semul, Tag, and Turns, and you will be able to choose which one to participate in the tournament.

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Developer: Antares Mugen Creations [YouTube Channel]
Engine: MUGEN
Type: Game
License: Free [Free to Download - Free to Play]
Status: Ready to Play

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Paste the ''Stages'' folder into the main directory of the game.
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